I noticed this 2017 TV Series “Trial & Error” available in my Amazon India Prime Video subscription. I started watching it for the lead actors John Lithgow who I like for his performance as Dick Solomon in 3rd Rock from the Sun (1996) and Nicholas D’Agosto from Masters of Sex (2013).

Larry Henderson (John Lithgow) is a retired writer who is accused of murdering his wife at his house. His daughter played by Summer Henderson (Krysta Rodriguez) believes Larry and gets a young lawyer Josh Segal (Nicholas D’Agosto) to handle the case. A murder trial is all new for the young man, who gets little support from the local team of assistants assigned to him – they mess up the case in more ways than they help him. Throughout the case, defence planning and meetings are recorded as a documentary. Larry is an eccentric character who through his strange behaviour digs himself deeper into trouble. As the case progresses more deaths happen, relationships are broken, secrets are revealed and all with heavy dose of comedy. Meanwhile defence lawyer Josh and prosecutor Carol Anne (Jayma Mays). It all happens in a small American town that’s conservative and with nothing to claim to fame.   

Throughout the series, a resemblance of any logic is missing but the story is firmly pivoted around the murder trial which makes it interesting. Overall, a light vein series that’s fun to watch.

Trial & Error (2017-) Season 1

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