TiE Chennai has been organising a series of six talks on “The Indic Way”. Presented by TiE Chennai Charter Members and Industry veterans R RamarajJ Krishnan the series is about Entrepreneurship lessons from our Vedic Scriptures. Today was the second session titled “Building, & Growing”; building and growing yourself.

JK & Ramaraj brilliantly highlighted about how our education system and professional careers haven’t developed (built) us as a happy individual. Video recording is here – Part 1 & Part 2. Few of the points they covered are below.

R Ramaraj on Indic Way – Building, and Growing

J Krishnan on Indic Way – Building, and Growing

Vedas, Upanishads serve not only a philosophical purpose. They have wealth of business learnings as well. The “wisdom of the ages” found in these can be of great benefit in our every day and corporate careers. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are extremely brief, they are just one line each, and there are about 195 of these one-liners with a total of just 1200 words. It’s as precise and as detailed as the modern day management consultants reports. These are not for renunciation or take sanyas, it is for active engagement in life.

Today we think we can first acquire wealth, power then we can get happiness. What’s talked in the Indic way is can we acquire wealth, go about our life and at the same time be happy. We assume these are always sequential, can we do them together is what we seek from the wisdom found in our Vedas and Upanishads.

To build Physical muscles we go to a gym, to build Mental muscles we read, memorise and practise. Similarly, for building our happiness muscles, we will go to Indic Gym. If we practise this gym them we will be Joyous, Calm, be Balanced, be Generous, Appears always in control, handles Situation, good with Relationship. Nothing surprises them, they never get Upset, Anger doesn’t affect them, they are not disappointed and nothing Frightens them.

In Indic wisdom Mind is compared to “fire”. All our reading has developed our “Intellect” but hasn’t necessarily given us “Sharpness”. They talk about Dharma (right way of living), Artha (money/wealth/prosperity), Kama (enjoyment) and Moksha. Life constitutes of just two – series of events & situations, relationships; there is no third aspect to life. It talks about the realisation of your potential. Therefore if you know how to handle these two (Events/Situations, Relationships) you can realise your potential.

We need to differentiate between using your temper and losing your temper. Roadblock for performing are Emotions, Anger, not able to differentiate Facts from Stories, Attitude, Ego, Anxiety and Regret. This rattling disturbs you. Indian Philosophy is believed to say it is all written ahead of time, it is fate, nothing can be changed, no point in trying. In fact, in the Indic way, there is nothing like that.

When mind moves to past its regret when it moves to future it is anxiety – either direction mind becomes weak. To keep it strong we need to keep it in present. The Indic way is to accept the reality and then to think next. Not go back and no expectation. Remember a cup broken cannot be unbroken.

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