Thanks to this good guy Cordell Naylor I traced my lost iPad and got it back. You rock man!

This week I am here in Atlanta attending Microsoft Ignite 2016 conference and yesterday evening I had misplaced my iPad somewhere in the venue and I realised it only after reaching my hotel. Immediately after that I turned lost mode ON for the device through Apple iCloud.


As soon as I reached the venue today I approached the Microsoft help desk manned by Cordell. He didn’t have it in his lost and found desk, he called and checked with staff at other buildings in Georgia World Congress Center. He could’ve given up with this, he didn’t. He gave me his PC to login to iCloud to track the device, Apple iCloud site doesn’t work from Android phones!. Then he walked up to a local police woman stationed inside the building and seeing the location indicated by iCloud tracking site they both helped me to narrow the device to a location in the build. Then when we turned ON the sound for find my iPhone, we heard it nearby. Tracking it we were able to go to the check in counters who had the device and wondering how to turn off the annoying sound.

Thank you Cordell, the Police lady, check in counter staff and the unknown person who had found my iPad first and returned it to the desk. I love Apple find my phone feature, just wish it works in all platforms including Android.


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