Metro (2016) is a candid take on how even the simplest looking crime extracts blood from everyone around the perpetrators. Director Anandakrishnan has to be appreciated for convincingly telling about a crime that happens in Metro cities, yes there is a lot of blood spilled on the screen.

The crime talked about here is the chain snatching incidents that happen regularly in metro cities like Chennai. Most often the victims are middle-aged women who happen to wear gold necklaces and the thieves riding in modern motorcycles come and go in an eye-blink. The victims lose not only their valuables but get severely hurt and sometimes needlessly die when they fall down in the impact or get their necks cut. I have seen first-hand how bad this can be, many years back when a close relative of mine a 40 year old lady coming out of supermarket near her house while getting into her scooter was attacked and fell down, suffering a blood clot in her brain and had to be hospitalized for many months – all the suffering and big hospital bill for a jewelry worth only Rs.15,000 (USD 220).

The film starts with a drug peddler being beaten to death in camera by a youth named Arivu in a mansion. In the flashback, we see a caring family for Arivu, a retired police constable, a loving mother and a young brother studying in college. How his brother gets lured into crime, by anti-social elements is the rest of the story.

Though the posters advertise Bobby Simha prominently, the film is entirely about the protagonist Arivu played by debut Shirish Saravanan. He has played brilliantly the role of a young journalist who takes justice on his own hands for the love of his mother. He is aptly supported by Moodar Koodam Sentrayan. Bobby Simha has a limited role as a local drug dealer called Durai, which he has done effortlessly. The person who plays Durai’s friend, a Ganja addict is the perfect cast for the role. In fact, the film gets most of its stars for excellent casting by the director. Though the story is not unique Metro (2016) is a modern fast-paced take of crime that happens in big cities, a worthwhile watch.

மெட்ரோ (2016)

மெட்ரோ (2016)

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