Watching two Tamil movie almost every Friday at times I wonder whether getting yourself locked up in a dark room for 2 hours is time well spent. I do enjoy a good cinema, but Sawaari (2016) tested my patience.  The story is about a Psycho serial killer, not an usual genre for Kollywood, the team headed by Debut Director Guhan Senniappan are mostly new faces and they have done a good job, but unfortunately the magic on screen was missing – borrowing Kala master dialogue, the Chemistry & Physics between the characters was not there.

The story is about a serial shooting, all inside cars travelling in National Highways leaving no clues or connections for the police to solve. Such a riveting plot, but inexperienced handling for a future film misses the mark by a mile. Karthik Yogi as Driver Mathi shoulders the entire film, when it should have been Benito Franklin as Solomon who is the Police AC handling the case. Solomon’s character appears mostly  lost on what to do. None of the characters are established, leaving us not able to connect or feel for any of them. Even in the end, the reason for the crime is not unraveled, only who did it was told to us.

T.M.Karthik has played his given role brilliantly, he is turning to be a character artist to be watched. Vishal Chandrasekhar is the music director, I felt there was high decibel BGM throughout, which renders it blunt during important scenes.

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