For last one week my 12 year old son was behind me, to get me to procure items for an Rs.1000 Aircooler he was building. This was for a science project he exhibited in STEM workshop today at ThinkDiff Skool, K.K.Nagar. ThinkDiff is headed by Ms.Bhuvana, where my son is attending weekly classes on Computer Programming & General science.

He got the inspiration for the air cooler from this HouseholdHacker YouTube video titled “$8 Homemade Air conditioner“. Seeing the video I was skeptical whether it will work, most of the DIY videos are difficult to do or don’t work. I tried to convince my son not to build this, but I had to give up and agree to buy the raw materials needed. I had to do some substitutions for availability reasons. Below are the list of items I bought with their approximate cost.


CPU Cabinet cooling fan & 12V DC Power Adaptor can be bought from a local electronics/computer spare shop. Thermocol Icebox was not easily available in nearby shops, I found it plenty in “Original” Saravana Stores Vessels shop in Ranganathan Street, T.Nagar, Chennai. PVC Pipe and Insulation tape was easily available from local Hardware (Home Improvement) shop. After he got the items, my son with his cousin sister spent next 1 hour in assembling everything in place (see the video for instructions). I helped him in connecting the power adaptor with the two fans and test everything.

The science behind the air cooler is evaporation of water lowers the air temperature which gets blown out through the vent.See the finished product in below pictures.


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