In Google I/O 2014 every attendee got a Google Cardboard which was a low cost DIY virtual reality accessory. It was a paper cardboard cut into the shape of an eyewear, two 45MM focal lenses, a magnet and some velcro fasteners to hold your smartphone into place. Your smartphone (iOS, Android) with the help of Google Cardboard app (and other apps) turns into a virtual reality headset.  I have been wanting to get one, but got around to getting one this week from EBay India for just Rs.360 ($5), the item was called “ALIAN 3D Unofficial Google Cardboard(VR)“, the unofficial word need not scare you as there is no active component, anyone can make it easily.

After opening the box, in few minutes I figured out there is nothing you need to assemble other than placing your smartphone in the appropriate place and fasten it. I was using my Sony XPERIA Z3, installed the Google Cardboard App,  then looked into headset, I was entering into a VR World. There are main icons like Earth, Videos and more. The Earth module allows you to walk through a downtown city in 3D space, flying into space was an amazing experience. Then watching videos from the collection of YouTube 3D videos was breathtaking. You should check it out, it’s lot of fun.

Alian 3D Google Cardboard

Alian 3D Google Cardboard

Initially I had placed Sony XPERIA phone with SONY logo in front to the left of the headset, I realized the magnet switch (which acts like the selection enter button while you in VR mode) doesn’t work that way. Few had suggested in the Internet to remove the magnet and put it in the right hand side of the headset (should be easy). Instead I tried flipping the phone with SONY logo to the right side of the headset, that seemed to have problem. Only difficulty with this was navigation in few places, but that I can live with that.

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