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Dial Up and Roaming

The rumours about Microsoft rebranding Skype WiFi Hotspots offering, which allows you to connect to paid WiFi hotspots around the world with your Skype credit, set me on a nostalgic path for few minutes. It was circa 1996 when I was using analogue phone lines & dial up modems to connect to the Internet through Government of India’s company VSNL. VSNL had a partnership with a company in USA called iPass, you can opt-in to, on additional charge to get enrolled into iPass service and then install iPass Dial-Up connection software in your PC (Windows/Mac laptop). With that in place, from many places around the world you could dial-in to a local phone number and get on to the Internet, saving yourself the humongous international phone charges.  In those days I used to travel a lot and having iPass proved extremely handy, an edge over my fellow “novice” travellers from India.


I was surprised that VSNL (now Tata Indicom) continues to offer a dial-up and iPass still has Unlimited pass but it’s for WiFi hotspots now.