Actor Suriya wants a hit after not so great last movie Anjaan, and his attempt for one is “Massu Engira Maasilamani” (மாசு என்கிற மாசிலாமணி). Venkat Prabhu directs it and Suriya is joined in the cast by Nayanthara, Pranitha Subhash, Premji Amaren, Samuthirakani and R Parthiban.

Massu is an orphan, along with his buddy Premgi earns their living by doing cheating acts and impersonating police and customs officials. For some relief there is a brief love episode with Nayanthara, I felt disappointed as there was no dedicated duet song with gorgeous Nayanthara. After one cheating episode, Massu & Premgi get into an accident, rest is what happens due to the accident. To please every audience segment Director Venkat Prabhu has given a movie that is a potpourri of Action, Horror, Comedy & Drama. Suriya has done a double-action, in one as a Srilankan Tamilian living in Quebec, Canada with Pranitha Subhash as his wife.

Premji has got a prominent role coming along with Suriya throughout the movie, Premji’s signature mannerisms in the climax fighting were enjoyable. After a long time we get to see R Parthiban on-screen who appears as a corrupt Police Assistant Commissioner, he has done his given role well. There were a few signs of highlights which were enjoyable like the one where Jai appears, and the song sequence in which Suriya helps out various families – instead of telling each one’s flashback elaborately, each story is told in just a few frames. We are able to figure out the rest. The comedy scenes reminded me of Jayaram and Vadivelu‘s comedy track in Naina (2002) film.

None of the songs by Yuvan Shankar Raja was memorable, most of the lyrics felt like prose reading from a textbook. Why should the master villain in all Kollywood movies need to be a Government Minister?. And yes, this movie too has a Tasmac Bar scene where Suriya and Premji go drinking.

Overall, Massu is not going to be a groundbreaking film for Suriya but that itself is its big plus, it’s good family entertainment. Massu is a mass-market film.

மாஸு என்கிற மாசிலாமணி

மாசு என்கிற மாசிலாமணி

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