When we think of upgrading appliances in our house I suppose mixer grinders and washing machines are bought impulsively. After purchase they are left to do their job until they break down to the point the service engineer says you got to buy a new one. Both these are extensively used almost every day in all households and so I would like to spend a bit more time in the showroom when selecting one. Why am I writing about appliances here?

For last few days, wife has been reminding me that soon I have to go to work on dirty clothes if I don’t buy a new washing machine. It was over a week ago the Whirlpool service engineer had declared with tears in his eyes that our old washing machine (7 years old Whirlpool sixth sense top loading model) is in its last days and we should give it a respectable sendoff. He was so moved by its age that he offered to buy it from us for Rs.800, I declined the offer.

I had in my mind that this time we will go for a front loading model with some latest! features. Being married for more than a decade, had taught me not to go alone when buying household appliances. So when I went to buy a new machine, I took my wife to Vivek’s in T.Nagar to check out various models and buy one. By the time the sales guy started explaining about a Siemens top of the line model, it was love at first sight for me. But wife was near me, so no time for any affairs. I stayed 10 feet away when when the sales guy was explaining the models to my wife. You see, I don’t want to be influencing “her” decision and be held responsible for rest of my life, whenever the damn machine breaks down (which it will certainly). After a tour of the whole shop, she asked me what to buy. I dutifully said, whatever you want honey, thinking in my mind “you are the one who is going to use it all the time why ask me”.

I slowly walked near the Siemens model I had decided, staying there for sometime, communicating non-verbally to the sales guy that I have selected this. He got the message and started to repeat the greatness of this machine over WhirlPool and others. Finally, wife declared let us buy it if I am okay with the price. Yes, I am. I asked her to confirm the decision, repeated to her its a big change in life from top loading to front loading washing machine. There is a good chance my mother (her M-I-L) may reject the selection for that very reason. Wife declared “I am the one who is going to use and the decision will be mine“. Again, I said yes honey and rushed to the counter to pay money and seal the deal.

The model I purchased was Siemens WM10K260IN, 7KG, 1000 RPM front loading model for Rs.32,500 after Rs.800 as buy back for our old model.  The machine has wash modes that includes Monsoon (smell free washing), Hygiene (to wash clothes worn when they are ill), Kids (for extra cleaning) and manual water drain knob. The machine got delivered and installed in two days and wife is happy she made this important selection!

Siemens WM10K260IN (iQ300) Front loading automatic washing machine

Siemens WM10K260IN
(iQ300) Front loading automatic washing machine






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