Yesterday I met a friend for lunch at Adyar Hotel Sangeetha. After a hearty Madras Thali meals we took a stroll around the area into near by Gandhinagar area. The walk took us to St.Patricks School and in front of it we got see Adyar River bank, this comes in sides of Thiru-Vi-Ka Bridge (Adyar Bridge). The view from here was beautiful, surprisingly the short stretch of bank here was walkable today.


Generally the banks of Adyar river and Cooum river in Chennai are stinking as they are used as open-air toilets and polluted by near-by dwellers. Britishers when they settled in Chennai (erstwhile Madras) as their first settlement in India they had the foresight to choose an area in between two rivers, Adyar River in South and Cooum River in North. But neglect over last 60 years after independence have led to this. This is a pity and makes me angry on my fellow Chennaites and local government for this sorry state of maintenance.

  • The Cooum River originates in a village of the same name in Tiruvallur district, about 70 km away from Chennai and draining into the Bay of Bengal.
  • Adayar or The Adyar River, originates near the Chembarambakkam Lake in Chengalpattu district, is about 42.5km long and joins the Bay of Bengal at the Adyar Estuary.
  • The other waterway in Chennai is man-made (by British) Buckingham Canal that runs 421.55km from Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh to Villupuram in Tamil Nadu cutting natural backwaters in Chennai including sections of Cooum River. As per Wikipedia, untreated sewage is let into the canal by local body Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board.


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