Book Review

Aisle be Damned

I just finished reading this book Aisle be Damned by Rishi Piparaiya in one sitting, that’s telling a lot about how enjoyable the book was. It’s a small book of 210 pages in large fonts, a comfortable package to read in one go. There is nothing to think about here, through and through a hilarious bundle of words.


Before I proceed, let me confess what made me look into details of this book in Flipkart was the gorgeous model shown on the cover of the book. I guess the author got fixated on her that he has posted a YouTube video on the shooting of this cover!. There has always been a romantic charm to flying and flight attendants, I believe it is not appearance alone that matters, its how they present themselves and especially how they carry the uniform (red is always hot) that matters. Imagine me wearing a well stitched and exquisite suit, I am sure still  I won’t impress you like a Singapore Airline or a BA In-Flight supervisor.  The book I assure you is not in the genre of the cover, its just unadulterated humour.

The author Rishi Piparaiya is head sales and marketing for a financial service multinational, who is said to be over-worked and over-travelled. Who said corporate executives don’t have a sense of humour, the author has proved them all wrong with a vengeance.

If you are like me and have travelled abroad quite a lot, you will know how I tedious Air travel can be. Especially after 9/11, you want to just reach your destination quickly and safely – that’s the only thing that occupies your mind. We miss out on the fun Air travel can be, seeing different airports/cities, people of various nationality, families, corporates and airport duty-free shopping. This book tries to twist all these tedious things to humour. Rishi has a way to laugh at every imaginable embarrassing situation associated with Air travel. Whether it is access to Airport Lounges, asking for an upgrade, getting out from window to restroom, squeezed in middle seat and immigration. He has the audacity to suggest a list of 11 essential travel items which even includes a stink bomb for leaving in Airport taxies that cheat you.

Needless to say, don’t buy this book if you are looking for anything other than a good laugh, especially not for travel advice. The author would have done a better service to his paid readers by rewriting the second half of the book, the tone becomes monotonous and the humour repetitive.