I have been wanting to see this movie of “Martin Scorsese” – Hugo and managed to see this today with my son. We both enjoyed the movie thoroughly. The story happens in 1930s Paris, where an orphan who has recently lost his clock-repairer Dad lives hiding in a Train station clock tower.As the only memory of his late father, he is obsessed in getting to work a mechanical man (who he finds out later can draw on a paper). The boy’s journey crosses path with a renowned French movie director who is now in self-exile. For all the expectation build-up of the mystery, the climax turns out to be pretty flat and boring. May be that’s what the Director wanted to say, however extraordinary circumstances life throws at us, at the end all find ourselves to be ordinary & just human.

It goes to show Martin Scorsese’s talent, that the story telling throughout the movie never slags, with just 5 main characters he manages to have our attention. A nice movie but nothing exceptional. The camera was brilliant and it feels no surprise that it won the cinematographer the Academy awards for 2011.


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