While on this trip to the USA I brought this book with me, Hold my Hand, a romantic fiction by a young Indian author Durjoy Datta. This may be the last of the physical book I carry with me on long trips, as I purchased the new Kindle Paperwhite 3G touch.

The book’s story was of a  young man exploring the smell and sounds of Hong Kong along with a blind girl who he falls in love with. The book was concise (less than 200 pages), easy to read and the characters were well build-out. The first half of the book was told in the voice of “Deep”, a nerd obsessed with libraries and computers. The author switches the voice of the storytelling to that of the blind girl “Ahana” in the second half of the book, this was a nice touch. Hearing the story through Ahana’s voice makes you feel her character better.

Having visited Hong Kong a few times I love the city and its energy. I expected the book to capture more of that but it only had Hong Kong sprinkled here and there. For a book commissioned by Hong Kong Tourism Board (learned that from Wikipedia), I should that’s a bit of disappointment.

This was the first book by Durjoy Datta that I am reading and I should say I liked the book. A light reading book ideal for travel.

Sample pages from Hold my Hand by Durjoy Datta

Sample pages from Hold my Hand by Durjoy Datta

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