It’s not often I go to movies in a theatre and certainly not on the first day of release. Today a friend who is a movie buff invited me to see the new Surya starer “Singam2”.

Devi Theatre

He had booked at Devi Cinemas, one of the oldest screens in Chennai today that is still showing. The spiral staircase leading to Devi Paradise screen in the complex used to be a craze during my school days. With the proliferation of multiplexes, these theatres have lost their shine. I despise coming here due to lack of adequate parking in the complex and the resulting traffic jam, but my friend insisted that the big screen will compensate for all this. I did a smart thing of taking an Auto from my house (Mambalam area) to the theatre paying Rs.120 for onward at 6 PM and Rs.150 for the return at 10:30 PM.  In the return I had an interesting conversation with the Auto driver who said this was his last trip for the day, he doesn’t night shifts anymore as no one calls him at night. Everyone prefers to book a Call Taxi for night trips. In the day too his business has reduced drastically due to a huge number of Share Autos that come in the city in recent years.

Bombay Lassi

The movie started a bit late, so my friend suggested we go to the nearby Lassi shop behind the theatre complex. The shop is called “Bombay Lassi” which has been in the small lane for many decades and is famous for its tasty lassi’s, samosas and bassandi’s (sweet). We drank the Lassi and with our tummy satisfied went for the movie.

Singam 2

The movie is a sequel to Singam where the hero is a Police officer going after the bad guys and bringing them to justice. Singam 2 is just the same with the bad guys and the places being new. Apart from it one additional lady actor Hansika adding to the glamour quotient. The movie proceeds with good pace, but other than that there is nothing impressive – whether it is music or the storyline or the scenes. With two comedians the comedy track is pretty much non-existent. Surya fans will love the movie, but I didn’t. I am glad my evening didn’t go totally waste thanks to the tasty Lassi!


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