I have been wanting to see this movie “The Karate Kid” for some time now, got around to it this week during my vacation here in Vayalar, Kerala.

The movie is about a young African American kid from Detroit with his single mother moving to Beijing,China and how he adjusts to his new home. The movie focuses on how the kid uses his interest in Kung-Fu to help him on the adjustment. He is bullied by local kids, fortunate to get acquaintance of a Kung-fu master in form of his building maintenance man. Superb performance as the Kung-Fu master by  Jackie Chan and as the young kid by Jaden Smith. I was so impressed with Jaden Smith’s previous movie in The Pursuit of Happyness that I was expecting more in this movie and he hasn’t disappointed. The young boy is a born actor. The young Chinese actress (Wenwen Han) who plays the role of Meiying has done it nicely and enjoyable on screen performance.

If you like Jackie Chan or Jaden smith or just want to watch a well-done movie, don’t miss this one.


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