Yes Day (2021) is a family comedy that is supposed to fun but feels like a short-film stretched tiringly. It is about a couple with three kids tired of their unruliness, deciding to have one day when the kids can get whatever they ask for; get a Yes as an answer from the parents. The film is available on Netflix.

The premise was intriguing and you wait for the kids to ask for indulging in activities and gifts that the parents will normally frown on. Instead, it turns out to be a day for the parents’ self-discovery regimented by the kids – I fail to see what was fun in that for the kids. Maybe I am missing the point here!

The climax where the elder daughter goes to a music party unsupervised was a cliche and a sentimental reunion with her mother. The only compliment I can see in the film was the acting by the lead couple – Jennifer Garner and Édgar Ramírez.

Yes Day (2021)

Yes Day (2021)

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