Last month I received an email claiming to be from CNET Asia (Singapore) saying that I have won a prize for participating in “CNET Asia Readers’ Choice Lucky Draw Contest”. At first I didn’t remember about entering in one. I wrote back to them asking is this a genuine email. Immediately I got a reply confirming its a genuine winner notification with direct contact details of the person who was sending the email. The reply added that the contest was one where readers voted for their favourite gadgets conducted in November – December 2012. I remembered it with this information, it was long time ago (3 months).

CNET Asia confirmed that deliveries of the prizes are not restricted to Singapore and they can send it to India. After sending they were nice to follow up on receipt and informed me that they heard from UPS that I will have to pay customs duty that was charged by Indian customs. After which I got a call from UPS office in Ashok Nagar, Chennai saying the duty was Rs.12,500. I did some web search and confirmed the prize I won was worth to pay Rs.12,500 as duty.

The prize was the latest model of Canon Powershot G15 Digital Camera. The camera is awesome for its size. Thanks CNET Asia.

Camera I won from CNET Asia

Camera I won from CNET Asia

With this I hope to save my Nikon D7000 DSLR from my son. If I succeed its a worth Rs.12K spend.

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