iMac SD Card in CD Drive

Today while working on this blog I took a photograph with my Nikon D7000 and to copy the photo, removed the SD card and inserted it in my iMac. But accidentally I had inserted it into the adjacent CD/DVD slot. My first reaction on how I could have been so careless – Apple has trained us all over the years that everything is user’s fault!

I tried to remove it with a paper inserted to the CD slot, but it was just pushing it deeper. The thought of taking it to Apple support was scary, then doing a search I saw this is a common problem. I found a solution here at Apple Discussions and here at iFixit. The solution was to do a L shaped cut out in a thick paper. I did just that with a piece of plastic book cover, see the picture below & it worked fine. I switched off, removed all the cables and then used the L plastic cut out to pull the SD Card using that.


Finally, this led me wondering on how Apple could be designing a product which can allow this common mistake.