After reading the description, I had big expectations for this Egyptian film “After the Battle”. The last Egyptian movie I saw was “Fawzia’s Secret Recipe

The story is about what happened after the Tahrir Square uprising in 2011. It is about a young female reporter in Cairo who is interested to find the motivation behind the horse riders in the ancient village of Nazlet (where Pyramids are everywhere) participating against the revolutionaries at Tahrir Square. The story covers various topics – Women rights in Egypt, The free press, the people (Urban Middle Class) behind the revolution & the poor plight of Horse riders around the pyramid due to the construction of a wall preventing access to them.


The movie started brilliantly but somewhere in between became a documentary, then a bit too long in the tooth. But fortunately ended up with a high note of hope for the horse riders and for Egypt’s democracy in general. The film breaks the stereotype of women in the Islamic world, though Egypt was modern compared to its neighbours even during its Dictatorship period.

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