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Toy Story (1995)


I must be the last person on earth to watch Toy Story 1. The first full-length computer animation movie made by Pixar brought great fortunes for Steve Jobs (as said in his biography).  It is unbelievable to remember that the movie was made almost two decades ago. The storyline can’t be any simpler and that’s the charm of the movie. It is very easy to understand and follow the events, and you as the audience are free to enjoy everything else that’s happening – dialogue, comedy & animation.

While watching the movie I could see a resemblance of the storyline with George Orwell’s classic book – Animal Farm (about Tamil version here). And that doesn’t in any way reduce the greatness of Toy Story or the creativity of its creators. A must watch animation movie of all time.

Toy Story (1995)
Toy Story (1995)

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  • M. Rajesh


    Don’t worry. You are not the last person to watch Toy Story. I have the movies with me but yet to watch them. Hopefully that I will be able to watch them in the near future.