We all have read Jim Collins’ Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies, learning about companies in USA which are truly exceptional and have been running for over one hundred years. But how much we know about Indian Companies that have lasted that long or more, especially the small and regional companies. Apart from general curiosity my interest is enhanced due to my family business at LIFCO Books (Little Flower Company). Founded in 1929, LIFCO publishes its famous Dictionaries and Religious books on Tamil. 

I was happy to see Hindustan Times’ Mint newspaper address this need. Today’s Mint section “Lounge” carries this report on small, regional pre-independence companies which braved liberalization and have left an imprint on our local, collective memory. Read Survivors from the 1800s to Now. Companies featured include Higginbothams, DuckPack, Kalimark, Nilgris, HMV and more.



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