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Singapore Food

Earlier this week I was in Singapore and was invited by a friend to have Lunch at Singapore Cricket Club. I am fine with most food items as long as they are Vegetarian,  so during my travels, I would like to try out the local cuisine. In this case, the host who invited me to the club suggested I have Mee Goreng and Baby Kai Lan with Garlic (or called Chinese Broccoli).


Mee Goreng (which is fried noodles and tofu) was very tasty & the serving(shown below) was filing-though I didn’t have my breakfast that day and was really hungry I couldn’t finish the entire portion that was served. My host told me the dish was made popular in Singapore by the Mamak Stalls (run by Tamil Muslims).

Vegetarian Mee Goreng

The Baby Kai Lan with Garlic (shown in the top picture on the left) is Chinese Broccoli so I expected it to taste bland just like any other green salad. But it turned out to be bit spicy and tasty too, the garlic adding more flavour and the broccoli tasted nicer than usual Broccoli.

Overall I enjoyed both the dishes and thanked my host for a nice lunch.

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