Madly in Love, is a German movie about a Sri Lankan Tamil boy falling in love with a Swiss-German divorcee who is raising alone her young boy. I came to know of this movie from a friend’s FaceBook stream after a search on the Internet found this movie. The main character “Devan” is done brilliantly by Muraleetharan Sandrasegaram – he comes out naturally as a next-door youngster that we will see daily. The female lead role “Leo” is done nicely by Laura Tonke. The movie is about the struggle Devan goes through between his love for Leo and his father’s pressure to marry “Nisha” a young girl from Sri Lanka who has been engaged and flown over to Switzerland to marry him. The movie briefly touches on the life that Sri Lankan Tamilians have in Switzerland trying to assimilate into mainstream Europe or to stay apart. You won’t believe it – but the movie has 3 to 4 Tamil songs just like Kollywood movies, but was shot quite nicely and was appropriate to the storyline.

Madly in Love (2010) -  Laura Tonke and Muraleetharan Sandrasegaram

Madly in Love (2010) – Laura Tonke and Muraleetharan Sandrasegaram

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