After seeing the trailers few months back, I saw this movie today – “The Bounty Hunter” acted by “Friends” fame Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. The movie was advertised as a comedy and it starts out that way, making the first half enjoyable. After that, the Director seems to have dragged it unnecessarily. The rest of the movie is a patchwork of love, action and mystery.

The story is about a divorced couple. Milo Boyd played by Gerard Butler is a ex-policeman and now a Bounty Hunter (someone who catches people who has jumped Court Bail) who is running short of money. His ex-wife Nicole Hurley played by Jennifer Aniston is a Journalist hungry for a good story. Nicole trails a suspected suicide and gets into trouble as Policemen themselves are involved. Milo wants to catch Nicole and put her behind bards for jumping parole, so that he gets some cash as reward. The rest of the story is how Milo helps Nicole, solves the mystery and the couple gets united.


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