USA “resets” relationships with Russia

US-Russia relationship Clinton presenting Reset Button

My views on international politics (and in India politics) are in general formed based on issues rather than personalities or political parties. I normally refine myself from forming strong opinions on US politics  (especially between Republicans and Democrats) on their domestic issues – and of course there is enough to occupy oneself with what’s happening in our own backyard (in my case Tamilnadu).  On the other hand I can’t be without an opinion on USA’s international policies, as the world’s only remaining super-power their policies affect every one on this planet – including every Indian in some way or other.

Over the last 8 years, I was disappointed with Bush Administrations "Cow-Boy" style of operations especially on all sensitive world issues – IRAQ War, Palestinian cause, Russia and others. One area where Bush administration should be credited by Americans is the way they secured USA "borders" from terror attacks repeating after the devastating 9/11. In a way with the unjustified war on IRAQ they took the "War on Terror" to someone else’s backyard and secured their own borders. With Obama’s administration I am pleasantly surprised by the reversal of various US International Policies. Today I saw in papers the news about Hilary Clinton presenting to her Russian counter-part a big red "Reset" button symbolizing a new beginning. Though critics can argue this to be a childish gesture, I feel it is a nice beginning and a great symbolic one which clearly communicates the intentions – it makes your foreign policy easy to understand and doesn’t require a PhD to interpret.

I just wish this new beginning goes beyond symbolic gestures and moves into substance. There are many important world problems which can be influenced by USA for a possible solution – including ever present ISRAEL/Palestinian issue, Terrorism in Pakistan & Afghanistan and above all the crumbling World economy.