My views on international politics (and in India politics) are in general formed based on issues rather than personalities or political parties. I normally refine myself from forming strong opinions on US politics  (especially between Republicans and Democrats) on their domestic issues – and of course there is enough to occupy oneself with what’s happening in our own backyard (in my case Tamil Nadu).  On the other hand I can’t be without an opinion on USA’s international policies, as the world’s only remaining super-power their policies affect every one on this planet – including every Indian in some way or other.

Over the last 8 years, I was disappointed with Bush Administrations “Cow-Boy” style of operations especially on all sensitive world issues – IRAQ War, Palestinian cause, Russia and others. One area where Americans should credit Bush administration is the way they secured USA “borders” from terror attacks repeating after the devastating 9/11. In a way with the unjustified war on IRAQ they took the “War on Terror” to someone else’s backyard and secured their own borders. With Obama’s administration I am pleasantly surprised by the reversal of various US International Policies. Today I saw in papers the news about Hilary Clinton presenting to her Russian counter-part a big red “Reset” button symbolizing a new beginning. Though critics can argue this to be a childish gesture, I feel it is a nice beginning and a great symbolic one which clearly communicates the intentions – it makes your foreign policy easy to understand and doesn’t require a PhD to interpret.

I just wish this new beginning goes beyond symbolic gestures and moves into substance. There are many important world problems which can be influenced by USA for a possible solution – including ever present ISRAEL/Palestinian issue, Terrorism in Pakistan & Afghanistan and above all the crumbling World economy.

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