While driving in the Chennai rains over the last two days this fact struck me. In most areas of Chennai there are hardly any road signs:

– No Pedestrian/Zebra Crossing marks on the road. This gives a good excuse for people to cross wherever they wish, and absence of X Crossings makes it difficult for drivers to identify crossings and slow-down.

– No lane markings, no Yellow/White lines in the middle of the road. This makes it convenient for two-wheelers and three-wheelers to go on the opposite side and block the incoming traffic, again not that the lines will cure this but it can be a good start

– No uniform street name signs. Today you are lucky if you can spot a street name sign especially if you are in crowded market areas. Having US-style street name boards at a height visible while driving will be useful, they also serve as a good platform for future to host CCTV for surveillance.

For all this, the money can come from advertisement and sponsorship. I feel PPP (Public Private Partnership) here will work great.

Is anyone from Chennai Corporation of Tamilnadu government, listening to this?

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