Road signs

While driving in the Chennai rains over the last two days this fact struck me. In most areas of Chennai there are hardly any road signs:

– No Pedestrian/Zebra Crossing marks on the road. This gives a good excuse for people to cross wherever they wish, and absence of X Crossings makes it difficult for drivers to identify crossings and slow-down.

– No lane markings, no Yellow/White lines in the middle of the road. This makes it convenient for two-wheelers and three-wheelers to go on the opposite side and block the incoming traffic, again not that the lines will cure this but it can be a good start

– No uniform street name signs. Today you are lucky if you can spot a street name sign especially if you are in crowded market areas. Having US-style street name boards at a height visible while driving will be useful, they also serve as a good platform for future to host CCTV for surveillance.

For all this, the money can come from advertisement and sponsorship. I feel PPP (Public Private Partnership) here will work great.

Is anyone from Chennai Corporation of Tamilnadu government, listening to this?


  • Saravanan Sundaresan

    Yes sir,

    you are right, day to day we are facing the same issue. the fun is traffic police men too encourage the pedestrians. why don’t they strict the law on pedestrian too… off course if it is not in negaive way (hmmm they will rob money from them).

    Saravanan Sundaresan.

  • Kalpesh

    There exists an act named "Right to information" (similar to freedom of info in US)
    You can get info about any government activity (or non activity)

    You might find some people in your area who might have got info they wanted.
    (e.g. not getting passport, ration card, garbage problem, potholes etc)

    Sadly, many people dont know about it & not many people act or use it (me included).