This Sunday I watched the movie – Click by Adam Sandler. Many of the English movies are now available in India at affordable rates – this one (VCD) distributed by Sony Music India costs me Rs.299 (USD 7).

The story is a powerful one, something that all of us would have felt in our lives more than once – that is to have a remote control to skip unpleasant moments (or) play again the happy occasions. Unfortunately, the director of the movie Frank Coraci has missed this opportunity to exploit the storyline to his advantage. He has given an average movie. The initial half an hour or so was certainly boring and the place where he gets this universal remote control that changes his life forever could have been better. The last half an hour where the incidents that unfold makes Michael Newman (acted by Adam Sandler) realize the consequences of having such a device is certainly taken well. Where he talks about work-life balance, the Director has avoided being too philosophical or toeing religious lines.

Click (2006)

Click (2006)

Should you watch this movie, yes if you don’t have any other choice (or) you are stuck in a plane.

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