Hotmail is now over 5GB of space

Nowadays I access my mailbox in Hotmail mostly through Windows Live Mail client. So I didn’t notice the increase in storage until I saw this post. All Hotmail users are supposed to have got their mailboxes upgraded to 5GB of space and Hotmail Plus (paid) users like me get 10GB of space. I thought 2GB in GMail was lot of space, now what do I do with 10GB?. Will GMail now give 100GB or like Rediff/IndiaTimes offer unlimited storage, let us wait and see.


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4 Thoughts to “Hotmail is now over 5GB of space”

  1. If you are paid subscriber $19.95 or so per year, you can use Outlook/Windows Live Mail to read and manage Hotmail folders and message seamlessly. I have been using it for years and love it.

  2. Senthil

    No is that a way to configure hotmail in Outlook or open in web mail using POP3/HTTP like office mails

  3. Senthil:
    I am not sure, but won’t Search and Options to show more messages per page will help you.

  4. Senthil

    For the past few days i didnt access my hotmail account and i got some 4000 mails in that is there any easy way to delete all the mails by grouping sender wise with ease and less time.

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