I always liked the lifestyle and health articles shown in top area in MSN.COM. This week MSN published few interesting articles relating to raising kids, all had some unconventional wisdom that I thought it was worth to link from here.

  • Turning to nannies and day care, many working moms have mixed feelings about leaving the kids at home. How to handle this?
  • The other article was on The Making of a Modern Dad. The article says there is more than what meets the eye of fatherhood. In fact, there seems to be considerable hormone changes happening in a father just like it happens to a mother after pregnancy. Fathers tend to become more caring and loving than before having a child.  Being a father of a 4-year-old boy, I tend to agree with this article, though I don’t understand the biological effects. The best part in the article was the phrase “Honey, we’re pregnant
  • This is a question that all parents have – how good or bad is Television?. This article says that Television viewing is not encouraged for kids below 2 years but can be good if moderated for kids between 3 to 5.

Update 2022:

The sites powering the links above got retired, so I have changed them to Web Archive, so you can reach the articles forever.

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