Richie (2017) is how a journalist (Shraddha Srinath) interviews everyone in a local fishing village to reconstruct the story of a local rowdy by the same name. Richie, played by Nivin Pauly – an actor I like a lot from his Neram(2013) film and who impressed me with his films like Premam(2015) and Action hero Biju (2016).

A small fisherman (Elango Kumaravel) finds a rare statue in the sea and tries to sell it, without giving the commission to the local big man, due to which he gets into trouble with Richie – who is his hitman. Meanwhile, the boat engine repairman (Nutty) who is in love with the fisherman sister (Lakshmi Priyaa of Lakshmi short film fame) tries to rescue him. In between this, there is a past of Richie from his childhood that comes back. How all this fits together is what Richie is. An interesting story indeed, unfortunately, it fails to impress you due to a lacklustre screenplay.

Overall, Richie was not Rich in any sense.

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