• Man with a Plan TV Show - Husband quotes for Wife
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    Words of wisdom for every husband from a TV Show

    This dialogue from the “Man with a Plan” TV Show (Season 3, Episode 1) starring Matt LeBlanc as Adam Burns and Liza Snyder as Andi Burns, sums up what every husband feels like saying to his wife during an argument: “Stop Listening to my words and let me talk” #LifeQuotesFromTV #TVShows #Comedy #HusbandandWife #Amazon #PrimeVideo

  • Portico Memory Foam Pillow with a gel top
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    The best pillow that I found

    From teenage days, I have been using big and thick pillows. From what I saw in films I tried two pillows (one over the other) and lying on them. Thanks to my Yoga practise, so far I have not hurt my neck. About two years back, a psychotherapist who I was visiting for a problem in my foot, casually suggested me to use only one pillow and it should not be thick. After trying a few in shops, I bought Portico Memory Foam Pillow with a gel layer on top to keep your head cool (we all need this). Earlier I had tried the contoured cervical pillows, after the first…

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    My new fedora hat

    For Chennai’s summer, a hat looks better and feels comfortable than a cap. Does it suit me? I bought the hat from Amazon India for Rs.247, called the “Fully Men’s Fedora Hat” it is made out of cotton and jute. My black hair is not happy to be hidden inside the hat, though!

  • Reusable Cloth bag for shopping
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    Reusable Cloth bags are back in vogue

    I am not an environment freak like my son. I don’t avoid using plastics, responsible usage I should add. I feel plastics have been unfairly targetted by the millennials, the material has made a tremendous contribution to human life and comfort. The problem has been how we use it, what for, where and how we dispose of safely (still an unsolved problem for the scientists) it. I have been inspired by my mother when it comes to reusing anything good including plastic bags (read this example). I have been trying to use biodegradable garbage bags. I was missing the convenience of plastic bags was when it comes to ad-hoc unplanned…

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    2018 Movies to watch and those to avoid

    I had watched about 135 movies last year, they include Tamil, English, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and other language films. From that I have picked the following two categories – Movies to Watch and those to avoid. Please remember, this list is by no means comprehensive or representative of the quality of pictures that came last year. These are purely my personal rating – take them with a pinch of salt! Venkatarangan Movies to Watch: Ratsasan (2018) – Tamil 96 (2018) – Tamil Pariyerum Perumal (2018) – Tamil Merku Thodarchi Malai (2018) – Tamil Kadaikutty Singam (2018) – Tamil Irumbu Thirai (2018) – Tamil Geetha Govindam (2018) – Telugu Awe (2018)…