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Oh Manapenne! (2021)

Oh Manapenne (ஓ மணப்பெண்ணே) is about two youngsters proving themselves to their respective parents and in the process discovering true love in their lives. Harish Kalyan and Priya Bhavani Shankar have fitted the roles like a glove. Available on Disney+Hotstar, I have given the film a ‘Ripe’ as I liked the pleasant story.

Karthik is your typical young graduate, constantly berated by his father he is unable to identify the career suited for him or find his love – he gives up and decides to marry a girl identified by his family and settle down with the dowry money. Shruthi is a smart and ambitious girl, with a degree in business she wants to start her own business or go to Australia for higher studies and prove to her father that girls are better than boys. The two accidentally meet up when Karthik’s family visits Shruthi’s house due to a wrong address. This encounter leads to a friendship between them, which develops into a business partnership. Do they succeed in that and do they fall in love?

Shruthi’s character was one that you don’t see often in Indian cinema, she speaks her mind, goes after her dreams, and is a born leader. Karthik is insouciant, has no shame with accepting dowry money and lacks any ambition until Shruthi spots it in him. The screenplay felt like a drag in the middle portions, but I will give it a pass for being unpretentious throughout, the dialogues were well-written too.

Oh Manapenne (ஓ மணப்பெண்ணே)
Oh Manapenne (ஓ மணப்பெண்ணே)

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