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Maara (2021)

Maara (2021) stars one of the loved on-screen couples in recent years Tamil cinema (from Vikram Vedha) of Madhavan and Shraddha Srinath. Unfortunately in this film, they are hardly seen together. The first two hours of the film goes uneventful, predictable and if you can endure it, the last 20 minutes featuring the veteran Moulee is a conciliation. The incohesive screenplay feels clumsy if I were to be kind. The film is available on Amazon Prime Video.

The film is about a lady Paru (Shraddha) who is going around in search of an artist named Maara (Madhavan) who has painted an uncommon story she has heard in her childhood.  For such a story the screenplay should be of suspense, which was absent here. Just like Ajith is obsessed with his salt-n-pepper look, Madhavan seems to be too – I prefer Madhavan to appear smart or gracefully old, but not in between. Throughout the film, Shraddha Srinath either walks around or is listening to people tell stories. Sshivada (aka Shivada Nair as per Prime X-Ray) who gave a brilliant performance in Adhe Kangal (2017) has got a limited role which she has done well.

I might’ve enjoyed the Malayalam film Charlie (2015) on which Maara is based. Here, the scene jumps from one to another abruptly all through the film. The producer should be thanking OTT platforms, the movie would’ve flopped with a box office release.

Madhavan in Maara (2021)
Madhavan in Maara (2021)

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