Frequencies (2013)
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Frequencies (2013)

Frequencies (2013) is a British science-fiction film with an interesting plot. In a world where everyone emits a specific frequency, reminding us of a social score, which determines every aspect of their life – love, education, career, wait-time for a train and everything else. For nearly an hour the film proceeds slow, with repetitions of important scenes, making it tiring, but the last ten minutes go bustling.

The low-frequency “Zak” is attracted to a privileged high-frequency “Marie”, but every time they come near for more than a minute, bad things happen in their surroundings. But Zak doesn’t give up, he works hard to find a way to be with Marie, did he succeed?, and what does he find?

The main characters are all given names of famous experts like Isaac-Newton, Marie-Curie & Theodor-Adorno, I was expecting some connection with the reel characters with the real ones, but there was none.

The film is available for streaming from Plex.TV service.

Daniel Fraser as Isaac-Newton "Zak" & Eleanor Wyld as Marie-Curie Fortune
Daniel Fraser as Isaac-Newton “Zak” & Eleanor Wyld as Marie-Curie Fortune

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