Netflix is on a spree producing Sci-Fi series. The latest is Another Life (2019) starring Katee Sackhoff. It is about a crew of astronauts flying the first faster than light (FTL) powered spacecraft in search of a planet from where an artefact seems to have landed on earth – who are the aliens, are they friendly or hostile?

From the beginning, it was clear the series didn’t have many ‘new’ imagination, but thanks to right casting and good writing it kept me engaged to watch the whole Season 1. It starts with the arrival of an artefact from an unknown location, reminding us of the classic 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). United States Defense forces have a team of scientist establish contact with the artefact like with the Arrival (2016). A crew goes out in search of the planet to which the artefact seems to be communicating, we see the usual team dynamics, emotions, egos, relationships and some brain invasions like in The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) and Europa Report (2013). While the crew is hibernating, there is a small bit of dream manipulation as well like in The Inception (2010). It took me a few episodes to remember, but the main inspiration and where the series is heading is surely from Star Trek: Enterprise and the Xindi invasion.

Having watched the whole season, I am not looking forward to Season 2, which is said to be unlikely, as I doubt, I will find anything in that to surprise me.

The series is on Netflix India.

Another Life (2019 TV series)

Another Life (2019 TV series)

Update 15th October 2021:

Season 2 got released yesterday. With Season 1 as written above, I was not impressed as the show’s writing had nothing new from other Sci-Fi shows, so I didn’t expect to watch Season 2. When Netflix alerted me of the release, on an impulse, I rewatched the Season 1 finale last night and then Episode 1 of Season 2. My initial plan was to continue with the season only if I liked it. Surprisingly, the story and the Alien planets & encounters got me engaged and I finished the whole season.

Season 2 was better than Season 1 and offered an interesting screenplay with a good mixture of failure, triumph, sacrifice, and human treachery. Let me be clear, this one too offered nothing new. The Season 2 has been liberally inspired by Star Trek Enterprise and the Xindi encounter – even ending on similar lines.

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