To Let (2019) is one of those rare films from Kollywood that affects you emotionally. Director Chezhiyan‘s film has been going around the world winning awards at several international film festivals. The film got released in February, is now available on Amazon Prime Video.

The story is about the search for a rental house by a lower-middle-class family of a couple and their small boy. Whether it is their discreet expression of affection or the fights they have due to their strained finances the actors Santhosh Sreeram and Sheela Rajkumar have almost lived their roles on screen. I liked the avoidance of stereotyping of roles, being the earning member of the family, the husband is normally shown to be handling the cash and making all the decisions – refreshingly, here Elango hands over all the money he earns to Amudha, she is the accountant, cashier, and the authority.

The characters go about living their lives, they don’t judge the house-owners they encounter or blame others for their troubles – in fact, they even stop and enjoy the small moments of happiness when they are with their son.

A must-watch film of this year – To Let (2019). Kudos to Director Chezhiyan and the entire team.

To Let (டூ லேட்)

To Let (டூ லேட்)

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