Start with a high-pitched song celebrating the city of Madurai and its culture, add to it sentiments of a family with six sisters and six brothers-in-law, layer it with crimes that have happened recently in Tamil Nadu (like the Pollachi sexual assault case) and top it with a barbarous villain and mindless fighting – the result will be Devarattam (2019) (தேவராட்டம்) starring Gautham Karthik.

Gautham has given a good performance, especially in the fight scenes he is fierce. I dislike Soori and his monotonous style of comedy(?), surprisingly in this film he has been balanced and makes us laugh in a few places. Manjima Mohan is the heroine. There are many many other characters who keep appearing and disappearing – but it is only FEFSI Vijayan as the villain, Vinodhini Vaidyanathan and Bose Venkat, who manage to leave a mark on-screen.

The film starts with reminding Kadaikutty Singam (2018) but quickly turns into a villain vs hero action. Overall, it is watchable, but be ready to tolerate loads of machetes being thrown around and blood everywhere.

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