If you go with a patience then you can enjoy Vijay Sethupathi starer Junga (ஜூங்கா), there were many scenes where I was able to laugh out loudly.

The story is about how a young bus conductor turns into a Don after discovering his heritage – his father and grandfather losing all their wealth and their prized possession a cinema theatre in Chennai, which he promises to buy back from a villain. I hear you, this is a well worn out story, but the difference is how Director Gokul has shown the Don Junga (Vijay Sethupathi) to be. This Don doesn’t go in SUVs but in Cycle and saves money by being stingy in every step of the way to save money for his dream of buying the theatre – An example is the scene where Yogi Babu, who comes as “Yo-Yo”, an assistant  to Junga, is tasked with to murder a rapist, Junga calls Yo-Yo and asks him to charge his phone at the victim’s house to save money! When they are in Paris (France), whenever Yo-Yo says he is hungry Junga takes out Bread buns that he has stuffed in his coat packets! The penny-pinching scenes of Junga are modern day versions of yesteryear’s comedian Surulirajan’s classic in மாந்தோப்பு கிளியே (1979).

Yogi Babu proves yet again he does well what is expected from a supporting role to the hero, it will do Yogi good to try some variety in future films. It is the old lady who appears as Junga’s grandmother steals our heart with her style. Madonna Sebastian who comes as Junga’s first love has a limited role with one duet song. It is Sayyeshaa, who comes as Yazhini the daughter of the villain, gets the bigger role – the young lady is gorgeous especially in the black dress in the song Koottippo Koodave.

The first half which happens in Tamil Nadu is enjoyable, the movie becomes a bit dull in the second half after going to Paris – it is too far-fetched to see Junga take on single-handedly the entire French Police and Italian Mafia. In summary, if the abroad sequences were shortened, this would’ve been a far better entertainer.

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