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Set It Up (2018)

Set It Up (2018) is a new rom-com from Netflix. A simple plot that has been delivered in a fun way by Director Claire Scanlon.

Many of us who had bad bosses or ill-mannered clients have thought why these individuals with power are so demeaning to us – and is there anything we can do to make their lives better, that will make the boss be nicer to everyone around them. When two young assistants Ms Harper and Charlie working for Kristine and Rick, face this problem, they conspire to Cyrano their two bosses to hook up. Their plan to get their bosses to have a social life, hence out of the office early, initially works out well that Harper and Charlie get free time to know each other well.

What should’ve been a routine romantic comedy, gets a boost by fine acting by the lead pair – the charming Zoey Deutch, and, Glen Powell. 

Zoey Deutch, Lucy Liu, Taye Diggs & Glen Powell - Set it Up (2018)
Zoey Deutch, Lucy Liu, Taye Diggs & Glen Powell – Set it Up (2018)

Available on Netflix India.

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