Everybody knows that Apple builds cool hardware – whether it is iPods or Mac Minis, Apple’s device designers are the best in the world. For reasons I couldn’t figure out, no one in the PC (Wintel) world has been able to copy Apple’s designs and then to exceed them. Our PCs and Laptops continue to look boring with no major design innovation happening for last 20 years – what I am talking here is not the Internals Engineering like Motherboard, Ports, OS, etc; I am talking purely the external appearance.

As this article details out Microsoft is striving to make huge improvements in Hardware in areas like DirectX/Graphics, Dual Core, 64 bit, Audio, DVD Playback, ReadyBoost and more. All these are commendable and I am looking forward to a new Vista PC – but still, I see no “Cool” H/W design ideas here.

I guess we need to wait for Apple to start supporting Windows Vista with a new Boot Camp version and then go out and buy a Mac and run Vista :-)

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