Starring Nivin Pauly as a honest tough police officer, Action Hero Biju (2016) is an entertaining watch.

Nivin Pauly appears as Biju Poulose the sub-inspector of Ernakulam Town Police station. A post-graduate and a college lecturer, Biju has taken up the police job with a mission to do good to society and he manages to do it throughout the film. Starting with the case of arresting a politically connected bigwig who lets us out his dogs to injure badly a girl child, Biju sees it all. The movie is a string of incidents in a police station, that’s all. Biju does marriage counselling, settles labour disputes, handles a suicide case, catches a drug gang, advises students and even protests with the human rights commissioners. Anu Emmanuel as the heroine comes out young and attractive, good casting.

There are no identified villains; no set backs; no kidnap of the heroine; no suspension that’s commonly handed out by corrupt senior officials when the Hero goes after politically connected; no one close to the protagonist is killed by the bad; not even a big mystery is there waiting for our Hero to be cracked; even with all these missing Director Abrid Shine has given a nice “cop” movie that you can watch with your kids and family.

The scene where a person who is arrested for being an exhibitionist and a tea-seller are asked to sing the song “Muthe Ponne Pinangalle” in the police station is a riot for everyone onscreen and for the audience.

Though this is not a comedy film, you will notice an underlying current of humour running all along which makes it enjoyable.


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