Devil does care” is a book by my good friend Pravin Shekar, which got released on 4th November at the TiECON Chennai 2016 event in ITC Grand Chola. Pravin‘s book is about doing “Outlier” marketing, tactics you can deploy which can help bootstrapped companies to succeed in winning business.

Pravin Shekar (second from right) holding "Devil Does Care"

Pravin Shekar (second from right) holding “Devil Does Care” in his hand – the outlier in the crowd wearing a dhoti

After the event when Pravin handed over a copy to me I had two questions to him – A scary picture as cover image? A book with title “Devil Does Care”?. The cover image was an Indian version of Devil which is normally put-up in front of houses and shops to ward-off evil. Pravin’s answer to both the questions was the same he had used as the opening line in the book – “The Devil lies in the details. When the Details are missed, the Devil comes out. It is the same with your marketing…”.

The book starts with defining who are  “Outlier marketers”, they are those who not only think out of the box, they screw the box & shove the envelope. You quickly learn the secrets of marketing on a frugal budget (aren’t those two terms an oxymoron); sales made is more worth than 1000s of Facebook likes; there is nothing shameful in marketing; your messaging has to target the decision maker more than the consumer; and finally PESTER power works!!!

If you like good stories to sugar-coat marketing medicines that are prescribed for you, then Pravin won’t disappoint you. You get to read how a 10 cleaner company in a Tier-2 city became the Toilet cleaner king of the place by spending just Rs.7350; how OLA did a timely humane activity of saving people lives with boats during devastating Chennai Floods in 2015; why an investment company literally gave “free” money to its target audience.

When I finished the book I had so many action items for myself & my team, that we are going to be busy with them for the next few months; Here we come and this is a warning to my customers.

Grab a copy and you will certainly learn something new on how you too can become shameless when it comes to marketing!

Book talks of Boryeong mud(!) festival in South Korea

Book talks of Boryeong mud(!) festival in South Korea


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