The Meddler (2015) is a story about a recently widowed mother constantly calling and meddling in her only daughters life. When her daughter Lori (played by Rose Byrne) moves to Los Angeles Marnie (played by Susan Sarandon)  also moves there in a hope of restarting her life.

The scene where Lori believing to be pregnant freaks out and Marnie goes to comfort her was a good telling of a mother-daughter bonding. I liked the portrayal of Freddy (played by Jerrod Carmichael), an Apple Genius bar assistant who helps Marnie whenever she visits the store to buy an iPad, which she does often in a way of gifting to win friends. Similarly the local farmer Randall Zipper (played by J.K.Simmons) who raises Chickens by playing songs to them was an interesting character.

This is a light paced film with easy to go characters and happenings, a fun movie to watch.


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