A young girl in an orphanage is merrily riding a bicycle around, she gets struck by a lightning, the accident makes her see events that will happen in immediate future. As we sit up in our seat expecting a thriller like Vijay’s Azhagiya Tamil Magan (அழகிய தமிழ் மகன்) the story switches to down gears. The young girl grows to become a nurse  Shwetha played by Deepa Sannidhi from Enakkul Oruvan.

Chinna (played by Arya) is a small time hitman in Thoothukudi, who is introduced with his speciality of disguises he uses for hiding his identity during his jobs. Karthik (played by Kreshna) is the son of a seller of Panchamirdham (Prasad) near Sri Murugan temple in  Palani (பழநி), Karthik is supported by his sweetheart Deepa (played by Subramaniapuram Swathi Reddy) in his dream to become a film actor. Chinna and Karthik move to Chennai where their life crosses over, with Chinna becoming an actor for a movie with Director SJ Surya, Karthik and Shwetha getting embroiled in a murder investigation.

I liked the character played by Swathi Reddy, as a bold girl who speaks fearlessly to Karthik’s father as well as the rowdies, it’s a change from usual cookie cutter heroine roles. For Arya this is a routine character, not enough fodder for bringing out his talents. Kreshna has performed the innocent, talented actor roles well. Thambi Ramaiah as played the role of ‘Sotta’ Mani, the broker who hires Chinna for carrying out a murder for the villain Selvam played by Adil Hussain. Ajay Rathnam comes as a corrupt police inspector, Y.Gee.Mahendra comes convincing as a state minister, Ponvannan and RJ Balaji have performed nicely their roles as local don and his relative.

An important feature of Yatchan was the absence of statutory warning newsreel educating the ill effects of smoking and of alcohol drinking, refreshingly there was no TASMAC Bar drinking scenes or a pathos song by hero.

Yatchan (யட்சன்) starring Arya, KreshnaSwathi Reddy and Deepa Sannidhi is directed by Vishnuvardhan, the story is based on a novel by writing duo Subha. Music is by Yuvan Shankar Raja, whose theme score “Namma Champion” sets the tone for the action sequences.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie though there was nothing out of ordinary in the screenplay, which itself is something I liked, wife and nephews who watched along with me were not impressed.


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