I saw yesterday night show in Devi theatre this film “Sathuranga Vettai” (சதுரங்க வேட்டை) starring cinematographer S.Natarajan (நடராஜ் சுப்ரமணியன்) and Ishara Nair (இஷாரா நாயர்)  directed by H.Vinoth (debut).

The comedy film is about a master conman who comes up with brilliant  schemes to runway with public money. His financial fraud includes selling common snake for lakhs of rupees, rice pulling scheme where he shows rice attracting to Cupola that’s above temple sanctum sanctorum (கோபுர கலசம்) due to its supernatural power, 50% gold price scheme, Multi-Level marketing of ordinary tap as American miracle cure water and so on. The schemes and its execution may not be 100% practical but the director has thought them out well and the fast pace of the story telling keeps us hooked. Though its a cliche the background story for the conman was palatable as it was kept short.

The film does remind me at times the Hollywood film “Now you see me” that came last year, but the plots are 100% local and Tamil flavoured. The film has some memorable dialogues which add weight to the story and got audience applause including the two below:

  • ஒரு பொய் சொன்ன அதில் உண்மையும் கலந்திருக்கனும், அப்போ தான் அது பொய்யுன்னு தெரியாது
  • நல்லவனா இருந்தா செத்ததற்கு பிறகு சொர்கம் கிடைக்கும், கெட்டவனா இருந்தா வாழும் போதே சொர்கம் கிடைக்கும்

Overall I enjoyed the film. You can come out of theatre in a lighter mood.


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