Movie Review

Europa Report (2013)

On my flight to Los Angeles from Hong Kong I saw this film Europa Report. The story is about how 6 astronauts travel on a private space program to Jupiter’s moon Europa to explore whether it has life. While the astronauts are doing their exploration they encounter one calamity after another just before they are close to discovering new life form.

The DIrector does succeed in creating a claustrophobic feeling for the audience by focusing on the space capsule & the six characters. The story was good but the pace of the movie could have been faster. After all it was a Sci-fi movie (and not saying facts), you keep waiting for it to pick pace which never happens. A movie I will recommend only if you will be caught in a long distance plane.


Reading the description I was curious to watch it for two reasons. One of my first projects when I started EasyTools was code-named by my team as “Europa”, taking the name after the moon of Jupiter discovered in 1610 by Galileo.  Two was with what’s happening in space programs currently, the private companies like SpaceX launching crafts along with Cygnus and VirginGalatic behind them, the idea of private companies going to Jupiter is not that far.