I was in Simi Valley this week staying in a friend’s house and he took me to Simi Valley 10 cinemas today to watch a movie. The screen was not full nor the theatre crowded, a change for me coming from Chennai (India) where theatres are always crowded.

The movie we saw was Elysium, a sci-fi action movie that happens in 2154 in Los Angeles. The wealthy have left Earth long time back and are living in their own private space station called Elysium. I liked the beautiful visuals shown of Elysium, the spinning wheel like station which is needed for maintaining gravity. Of course, most of the concepts shown were not original, borrowed heavily from many previous sci-fi films including Star Trek.

Plenty of logic gaps – why the technology to cure is not made available in Earth (after all healthy people make better workers), why the factories in earth need to be heavily staffed with humans for a society with sophisticated robots at their disposal, how a single Database field can change everyone from one class to another and so on. These are to be expected in a Hollywood film, so discounting them it’s a mediocre action movie a bit too long for my taste, dragged unnecessarily.


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