TV Show Review

Ramani vs Ramani

Ramani vs Ramani is the newer edition of a popular comedy TV series “Ramany Vs Ramany” from Min Bimbangal, the house of Director K.Balachander.  While the first one was about a newly-wed couple, this one was about a couple married for over 8 years with a 6-year-old daughter. In the house, both the husband and the wife are named Ramani, and are naive, it is only the little girl who is smart and keeps the family safe.

The lead couple Ramji and Devadarshini, have done their roles well. An enjoyable TV show.

Ramani vs Ramani - Ramji and Devadarshini
Ramani vs Ramani – Ramji and Devadarshini

Update 2018:
The TV series is available for free on YouTube – you can start with S01E01 here.