There was a time not long ago in Chennai, if you say shopping centre it was Vummudi Shopping Centre (Next to Higginbotham’s) or old Spencer’s, that’s it. Then came Fountain Plaza (which appeared in many Kollywood movies), Alsa Mall (Egmore) & Spencer’s Mall Phase1. In the last few years we got a steady stream of new malls starting with Spencer’s Phase 3, Chennai City Centre, Ampa Skywalk, Express Avenue & more. A recent addition to this list, is the newly opened Phoenix Marketcity in Velachery.

A full list of malls that stand in Chennai  today is here. As someone who goes to a mall once every few weeks, I get a feeling that the Chennai residents are migrating to newer malls and significantly no new visitors are coming in. Today if you go to Spencer’s Phase 3 or City Centre the crowds there are nowhere near their hey-days.

Is this mindless growth? Is it sustainable, especially in a low growth economy India is stuck for last two years?

Today I went to this new mall – Phoenix Market city. Impressive facade and interiors, some of which reminded of malls abroad that I have been to including Dubai Mall.

Phoenix Market City

Phoenix Market City

Since my son was with us during the visit to the mall, we went to the ice cafe which is there for a 5D Cinema which was enjoyable fun. I am scared of Roller Coasters and other adventure rides, but this one was pure fun (kiddish), so I relished it. Then for Dinner we went to the Rajasthani Thali (meals) restaurant chain – Rajdhani for a scrumptious dinner.